Inspiring a New Generation of Learners


Hands-On  Projects and Activities

Integrated Concepts in Engineering, Science, History,  Programming, and Art


Self-Confidence and a Love of Learning



My daughters have been taking classes with Ben for over 9 years!

From engineering, history, art, mathematics and more. He's been one of the most influential teachers in their lives!

JOELLE M., Parent

I am a mother to 3 of his former students and whenever Ben was teaching a class, they all begged me to enroll them! He is a master at creating educational curricula that are innovative and powerful. Seriously, the man is a jewel.

JEFF H., Speaker/Coach

Any student would be lucky to be able to participate in his "Beyond The Toolbox" workshops. He will be doing a type of education that isn't currently available anywhere else in the US. If you want your kid to fall in love with learning, send them to Ben Pfister. You will not regret it.

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Build a working Lego bow and arrow

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