Private Group Online Class:

You choose the Lesson and Time

Curious kids are learning more about wor

Private group online classes are great options for 5 - 10 friends or classmates in search of an exciting and unique learning experience.  Classes will be tailored to match the age and skill level of the group. 

Groups must have a minimum of 5 kids.  We ask that you commit to at least 4 one hour classes. Classes typically meet once a week.  Semester long courses are also available.  We are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.

Cost: $15 per student, per 60 minute class 

Choose your Class:

LEGO® Engineering

Artistic Math

Scratch Programming*

Stop Motion Animation*

Robotics: LEGO® Mindstorms (EV3 or NXT)**

Robotics: LEGO® Boost**

*Group can choose a theme for these classes. Examples: Environmental Activism, Women in History, Animals and Habitats, Star Wars, Pokémon, Harry Potter.

**Students must have their own LEGO® Robotics systems at home.